Date of Birth: 3rd September, 1990

Location: Senglea

Star Sign: Virgo

Media-related occupation: Actress

Jessica Azzopardi is an outgoing and honest person, and also a little bit sensitive. Her passions include make up, hair, and home decorations.

She had stepped onto a stage for the very first time at school concerts, and later began appearing on television programmes. She had her first main part on television back in 2012 on Prima Facie as Lara Desira, and It-Tfal in 2014 as Mandy Spiteri.

At the moment, Jessica is collaborating with Darc Production TV series Il-Patt as Jenny, and she’s also done a commercial for Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent.

How did you fall in love with the drama scene?

From a very young age, I knew that I’d be in love with the theatre. I used to watch everything and that’s how I learnt about acting. I attended drama courses with Freespirit Acting and 4 people. I started participating in musicals, including Superstar 2007/2011, Evita, We Will Rock You 2008/2016 and Phantom of the Opera.



How did you develop your own style?

I usually follow instructions according to my character’s interpretation. I’d do research on what it will entail to be able to convey what is expected for my director and, most of all, the audience.

Should more kids be encouraged to take up drama?

In Malta, we have professional actors and actresses who can simply compete with foreigners. Yes of course we must encourage our kids to take part in this sector, in order for them to socialise and make friends. This will keep them away from certain habits, and when they grow they’ll become good actors.

In your opinion, is there something lacking in Malta in terms of career development in this field?

Yes, I believe that we have good talent in the local scene. But in my opinion, we need financial help in order to build on projects with passion and professionalism. Unfortunately, we find few people on the island who work in this sector on a full-time basis. We only do it as a hobby. Actors do their best to keep their audiences satisfied. I hope that one day, we’ll achieve more funds to facilitate our film industry.



Is there any particular theatre or production you’re aiming or hoping to collaborate in?

Actually, my dream is to take part in Musical Theatre, possibly at the Manoel Theatre. The stage is my passion especially when it comes to musicals. I also hope that one day I can contribute and work as an actress in a local movie.