Somehow a cropped culotte went from being the microtrend you’d only spot on the chic streets of Fashion Week in the world’s capitals to the season’s hottest pant length; they’ve now become a part of the basic wardrobe.

Culottes had first appeared in the fashion space in 1931. The divided skirt was created by Elsa Schiaparelli, specially made for Wimbledon. The extremely controversial design for the times was worn by Italian tennis player Lili de Alvarez, and had caused a scandal. The 30s fashion staple then made a comeback in the 90s, and the look now lives on as it can once again be easily spotted on the street and runways alike.

Most pleasing of all, the garment looks great on most figure types if worn right, and creates the illusion of a narrow waist. It’s actually very easy to pull off this trend. The secret to dressing up the culottes is to think of them as A-line midi skirts rather than trousers. This will make your search for the perfect pairing much easier.


Image: Karolina Kurkova


During the summer season, these high waisted buttons look great with a crop top as worn by Karolina Kurkova, or just a simple shirt as spotted on Victoria Beckham. When it gets colder, it’s easy to pair it with a baggy turtle neck sweater. Culottes provide a structure to the entire silhouette, so there’s no need for complicated matching pieces. They will get a lot of wow factor in their own right, which makes this trend suitable for almost every occasion.


Image: Victoria Beckham


As for the shoes, since culottes had been originally created for sports, they give off major relaxed vibes. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with styling them up with a pair of sneaks. This combo will make you chic and comfortable. However, this style only works for tall women.

If you’re petite, slip into nude or black stilettos or platforms for a feminine touch. Otherwise there’s a chance that the cropped length will work against you, especially if you have large calves or cankles. Learn from the petite celebrities like Miroslava Duma. The Russian It girl’s height is only 151cm, but a tight-fitting top and creases down the culottes are perfecting the whole silhouette. Also, do bear in mind that some tailoring might be needed, as culottes may seem like culottes on those who are 5ft 8 and over, but turn out to be actual trousers on those who are below 5ft 5.


Image: Miroslava Duma