Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you just don’t know what to hang up on that empty space on your wall? Maybe you’ve already added a bunch of wall art somewhere and don’t want your place to end up looking like a photo gallery. If that’s the case, this article is perfect for you! Here are some solutions to wall art, and yes, one of them is actual artistry.

Framed Art

This could be in the form of photographs, prints, paintings or typography; basically anything that fits into a frame. It’s clearly the most overused type of wall art, but that’s because the impact it creates can be super.

Framed art can be grouped together as a collage, or it could be just the one image that’s printed as an over-sized piece. Either way, they can send a message, bring out a feeling and are just joyful to look at. So, if you haven’t used this genius form of expression, make sure you get to it, and be as creative as you want.




Now we’re heading into the not so common ground of items used to decorate walls. Rugs are a perfect example, as they add texture, warmth and colour, as well as work well with a given design, such as Moroccan.

Again, there are lots of rugs that can be used – Kilim rugs, over-dyed rugs or even tapestries which are absolutely beautiful and demonstrate the skill of those who make them.




Super common again, but it can also be super gorgeous. It’s also very simple, especially when you have a whole bare wall and you’ve no idea how to work with it.

Nowadays you can have your own photos printed out as wallpaper, so you could go for something personalised. There are lots of options, even textured and 3D ones. These can be bought online or in stores, but just make sure you always see a sample before you purchase, and that you have an experienced installer working on them.




I really generalised this one because the truth is that you can turn lots of items into wall art. Think a nest of different sized mirrors or ceramic plates with a common theme, or even a group of stylish hats. Use your imagination – and google – and explore all the possibilities.



JuJu Hats

You can buy these gorgeous wall poufs online. However, if you’re into a little DIY, you can make them yourself. Buying them ready-made can cost you quite a significant amount of money, so I’d suggest going for the latter. They’re not too hard to make, and you’ll find lots of tutorials and blogs online about how to create them, so it’s all set up for you. They look super stunning and are not really that popular here in Malta, so it’ll definitely create a bit of a stir amongst viewers.




Sometimes you don’t need to actually pin anything up on your wall for it to have an identity. There are great things you can do with paint alone, such as a piece of art – always hire a skilled professional, of course – or even just a geometric pattern incorporating different colours. This will add interest to the wall in a simple way, and can look stunning and cost next to nothing.



So there’s quite a few options for you to choose from. One last tip though: don’t go wall décor mad! It’s ok to have a few bare walls, and not every empty space needs to have a piece of interest thrown on top of it! Let your intuition tell you what parts feel empty and what parts are happy on their own!


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