It’s August, which means that everyone is either on holiday or hibernating. Then there’s the rest of us, angry and bitter at having to work – and work late, even – when the whole island’s on shutdown or finishing off before the strike of 2pm.

Is it necessary? Is it needed? Here are some thoughts…

Where is everybody?



Your AC stopped working? Call back next week.

Need something printed? On shutdown. #sorrynotsorry

Where did everybody go?! It’s like a zombie attack out there. Won’t anyone help me? Won’t anyone take my damn money?

Welcome to August, the month in which everyone seemingly migrates to the beach and leaves his most grammatically flexible word in the English language at home. Don’t even bother calling anyone for anything. Don’t even think of questioning it. And while it may not be financially viable, who can blame them? It’s too hot to live, anyway.

What would Eileen Montesin do?



D’you reckon Eileen Montesin ever goes on shutdown? She’s everywhere all the time and she seems to have 50 hours in her day… She’s this island’s Beyonce! Yet us mere mortals can’t do the full 9 to 5 in August?

And what about the roadworks and all the construction taking place around the island? Will that go on shutdown, too? I wish traffic would go on shutdown…

How do they manage to finish everything by 1.30pm?




How do people manage to finish their work when some of them leave by 1.30pm? Some of us work till 6pm every day and barely manage half our workload, and then there are others who leave work that early and look so unfazed. How do they manage? And if they don’t manage, how do they live with the guilt?

Why does everyone flock to Gozo?



Why does everyone go to Gozo for the weekend of Santa Marija when everyone else has gone to Gozo too? Whether they’re looking to get away or experience some peace and quiet, it seems a bit pointless to go there when all of Malta heads there too. Logic… When did you abandon us? Admittedly, everyone’s locked inside Gozitan farmhouses with gluttonous rations from Arkadia to last three days. It makes you wonder how many farmhouses Gozo actually has. Also, has there ever been a ration fight at Arkadia?

Would I like to go on shutdown?



Hell, yes! I’ll take it by the horns and spend a week or two in bed under the faulty A/C enjoying a Gerard James Borg novel and watching re-runs of Santa Monika. Because, while I may be half-Scottish, I’m also half-Maltese – which means I need some downtime when the sun is this angry, too.

But, I’ll leave this one in your hands to answer:

Do we really need shutdown and half-days?

Let us know in the comments section below.