The Chamber of Fashion Malta recently hosted Gran Gala Della Moda on the 23rd July.



The show was held under the patronage of the Italian Embassy, and in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce. The beautiful St George’s Square in Valletta was transformed into a cultural fashion showcase with a stunning and colourful fusion of Maltese and Italian Haute Couture.



The evening programme featured two of Italy’s most prominent and long established designers – Gianni Molaro and Carlo Alberto Terranova. Twenty-three-year-old Gozitan designer Luke Azzopardi also showcased his works, and assisting the three designers backstage were a team of SCREEN hairstylists and PUPA make up artists.



The event was opened by Dr Owen Bonnici, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government, and presented by Lisa Marzoli from RAI TV and Jean Claude Micallef. The event is to be transmitted on RAI, whose camera crew was also present on the night.



The Chamber of Fashion Malta is proud to have presented this cultural showcase. Dr Juliana Scerri Ferrante, President of the Chamber, promotes the idea of Fashion as Culture, and the Chamber’s aim is to project this genre of art both in Malta and overseas.






The event was supported by the Valletta Local Council, Cavalieri Art Hotel, Nexos Lighting & Vision, Litoral, Camilleri Paris Mode, Screen Professional Hair Care, PUPA Milano, Sevitex srl – Roma, Giuseppe Esposito Masterchef stellato, Kkerly, Santiago Corporation in the world srl, Niumee.