In today’s society, women in their twenties have the freedom and are most likely to choose their career over having children at this age. This is a freedom that should be celebrated and appreciated. However, there’s nothing wrong in acknowledging the benefits young mothers may possess over their older counterparts.

This is in no way a siding of either choice, but a simple piece of support for all those young mums who may at times feel out of place, since current social pressure tends to delay motherhood.

Yes, it’s not a surprise that many couples save this important event for after completing their education and earning a sustainable living. Many aspects have been discussed about the benefits and reasons of having babies throughout your thirties, but for now, we’re going to focus on the advantages of having kids before you step into your third decade.

Health, youth and energy

We’ve all heard of the ever-ticking biological clock – a conceptualisation of the decrease in fertility after one’s thirtieth birthday. When you’re younger, you carry with you tons of energy and strength that will allow you to survive regular deprivation of sleep and make for a relatively easier and tolerable labour. As a result, this helps you recover at a faster pace after the painful struggle of pregnancy and early childcare.

Science also proves that once we start ageing, the chances of genetic deficiencies rise substantially. The reason for this may be the fact that the younger you are, the less likely your young eggs will be vulnerable to genetic disorders such as Down’s Syndrome. Health experts acknowledge that with age, the amount of early pregnancy loss starts to rise. Hence, the chances of miscarriage tend to be rarer throughout your twenties when compared to subsequent decades.



Determination and drive

Surprisingly, a child born in your twenties may not always act as a barrier to achieving your career goals, but contrastingly, may provide you with that extra push to help you climb the ladder of success at a much faster rate than you’d ever imagine. Perhaps the reason for this may be the sudden jolt of kilogrammes of responsibility that heap onto your fragile shoulders; a duty that slaps you hard in the face.

The baby tempts you to develop the skills necessary to be able to provide a young child with various opportunities, toy possessions and most importantly, a good quality of life. Thus, although the little one may be tiny, they may act as a significant motivator in attaining your goals. Big things do come in small packages.

The forties and fifties are all yours

In your 40s and 50s, your role as babysitter and your mobility problems will just fall off, since, by that age, your children will have matured or become young adults, consequently placing you at an advantage. Your liberated life will allow you to focus on yourself, re-examine your relationships, start out something new, travel around the world and provide space for many other opportunities.

Longer relationships with grandparents

Not only will you have memorable and lasting relationships with your grandchildren, but so will your parents with your kids. Your parents’ relatively young age will shorten the gap between the two generations, and allow them to build and stabilise a strong bond. Moreover, raising your child in your twenties will bring about more happiness than you initially may have thought, as your parents will not only be able to almost act as parents of your children, but will be young and experienced enough to provide active support with babysitting, upbringing and other parenthood hassles.