The first privately practicing clinic for osteopathy has finally opened on the Maltese Islands.

Osteopathy Malta, located in Ta’ Xbiex, houses Malta’s first legitimately registered osteopath, Robert Grech, along with his colleagues Anne Poulhies and Anne Söffken. The team welcomed guests to celebrate the opening of the practice on a warm summer night.



Osteopathy is a distinct form of manual medicine that doesn’t require surgery or drugs. Mr. Grech explains that the medical practice doesn’t only focus on an injury or diagnosis, but most importantly, on the person as a whole. This holistic view of the person lies in concordance with the World Health Organisation’s definition of wellness: “… A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”



He further adds that the team’s focus was to create a welcoming, friendly and comfortable environment, as is conducive to good health.

Mr. Grech had been inspired from a very young age by the idea of a manual form of treatment that doesn’t require equipment, but hands to heal individuals. After obtaining a degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Malta, this idea led him to pursue a degree in Osteopathic Medicine at the London School of Osteopathy, one of the most renowned osteopathic teaching institutions in the UK.



The health professional explains that this kind of practice has existed locally since 2012, when he had started from scratch. Consequently, the formal establishment of Osteopathy Malta this week has been the outcome of four years of his hard work.

According to one of the most frequent patients at Osteopathy Malta, one of the most significant benefits of the treatment is that it allows the individuals to feel relieved. For instance, back pain, neck pain or tennis elbow are but a few of the acute or chronic health issues treated within this clinic. The patient explains, “It’s helped me remove some of the tension, and provided me with a breather,” further adding that the team handles their job fantastically by paying attention to several details. “I’d choose osteopathy for the rest of my life, especially with my chronic problems. It makes my life much easier.”



Apart from the three osteopaths offering this form of treatment at Osteopathy Malta, various other therapies complement their efforts. For instance, one can find a yoga instructor that offers gentle yoga, based on the belief that it helps individuals who’ve recently recovered from an injury. Another therapy is one provided by a professional reflexologist, only one of which exists in Malta. Both therapies are not merely used for relaxation or leisure purposes, but to clinically help osteopaths deal with situations and achieve the highest possible positive outcome.



To date, Mr. Grech and his associates continue to attract many locals with this novel approach towards combating ailments. Moreover, statistics show that there’s been a sharp rise in visitors since October 2015. As a matter of fact, over 200 new patients have paid visits within the last month, with an average of 300 to 350 patients visiting the team monthly. The pioneer of osteopathy in Malta emphasises that this isn’t only a celebration of the opening of the clinic, but also the birth of the profession on the Maltese Islands. He concludes that the Osteopathy Malta team pays close attention to responsibility, professionalism and safety.