It’s boiling, in case you haven’t noticed. Our make up’s running, our hair is flat and sweaty, and we’ve got sweat patches under our arms. And no, we’re not apologising for it. We’re just going to down a gallon of Virgin Mojitos and divulge some nifty fashion tips to keep you looking Riviera fabulous until at some point, the temperature decides to go down a few notches.


Going for lightweight and natural fabrics rather than synthetic or polyester is always key to beating the heat. Paradoxically, a long-sleeved top made of linen does a better job at serving as a cooler than a crop top in synthetics. Go figure!




When the sun starts beating down, go for slightly over-sized pieces and loose-fitting garments. Nothing’s worse than a figure-hugging outfit when it’s so hot there are sweat patches on your hand bag. Loose and long clothing do a good job at keeping you cooler than if you were wearing a teeny tiny dress. A long-sleeved linen button down is bound to promote a lot more air circulation, and will allow your body to breathe with ease.




When it’s so hot you’d rather go naked, consider it as a sign to turn to your arsenal of white pieces. Darker shades absorb light and heat, but lighter hues reflect it. And while all shades of white are the absolute favourite for this summer season, it’s not the one and only option. You can always replace the dark and moody palette with any pastel shade or even khaki. Besides, pale hues won’t show any sweat stains.




The only hat that belongs to your hot weather wardrobe is a straw hat. Not only does it do a good job at providing some shade, but a hat is always the easiest way to stand out from the crowd. The effect is effortlessly stylish and summery. Opt for a straw floppy hat to dress up any lightweight summer dress, or you can go for a straw fedora to add an extra touch of ‘hip’ to your outfit.




Choose flats that provide much needed comfort, yet are pretty and trending. We suggest to pick up laced flats with a pointed toe, scrappy metallic sandals or a pair of embellished beauties. Whenever you can, go for open toe and let your feet breathe.


Image source: Iodonna