As the debate surrounding the Morning-After Pill continues to heat up, it’s becoming clearer that now, more than ever, is the time to introduce it.

We are a country obsessed with interfering with everything and everyone’s lives. We discuss things that really don’t require discussion in the 21st century, such as gender neutral toilets – which, as some common sense will quickly reveal, we have been using without batting an eyelid for ages as unisex toilets – and gay marriage.



In fact, as more and more people put their two pennies into the discussion surrounding the Morning-After Pill, a contraceptive that’s been readily available to women all throughout Europe and the West for decades — it’s becoming increasingly clearer that this is a war.

But, in Pope Francis’ words, this is a war of power.

Of course, Pope Francis was referring to ISIS, not the MAP, but it’s uncannily similar, isn’t it? Every time we discuss the MAP, it’s always a question of, “But what about the foetus?” or “But what if the woman gets raped?”

Well, what about the foetus and the act of rape?

I’m a 40-year-old woman with a child, currently undergoing the hot-flush period, but if I had been 20 and someone said that to me, I’d go in front of their house and scream until I passed out.

What is it with people? We’ve wasted so much time and energy discussing inexistent foetuses and hypothetical rapes, when the real bone of contention is: Do I own my body or not?



For the final sodding time, the MAP is not abortifacient. It’s bad enough women in this country can’t get an abortion if their baby is going to kill them; must we be raped, beaten, degraded, humiliated and spat on for us to be legally entitled to our body? Why aren’t we able to say, “You know what? I’m not ready to have this baby. This is my body; this is my decision.”

I find it baffling how people fight harder for the so-called ‘lives’ of cells that haven’t turned into foetuses yet than they do for actual people, who can think, feel, love, hurt, and actually die and who are making the life-altering journey to cross the Med in the hopes of getting away from war and certain death.

Think. Think and be reasonable.

And to all women out there, I say one thing: The time is ripe; the time for the MAP is now. All across the globe we are once again being subdued, and the worse the situation gets with politics and the economy, the harder we’ll have to fight, for we are the first to be pushed aside. Believe in yourselves; and never let any man or woman tell you that you cried wolf when you got raped.



Over and out.

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