Freshy.io is a fledgling business venture that was created for the purpose of the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation Start Up Programme. After winning the National Finals, Freshy.io participated in the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge in Bucharest between the 6th and 8th July 2016.

Over 90 students competed in the European Finale after participating in a year-long start up programme and qualifying at their respective national level. A JA Europe initiative, the Start Up Programme annually engages over 14,000 university students from 300 universities across Europe, giving them the opportunity to experience starting up a business from top to bottom.

Freshy.io is a company comprising of four University of Malta students that had developed an application through which cafeterias and restaurants can sell excess fresh,daily prepared food. Users are able to get notified about these nearby discounted offers by means of a high-tech push notification interface.

The team representing Malta was made up of Mr Anatoliy Gatt, Ms Svetlana Mitrakhovich, Ms Valeria Lobanova, and Mr Gleb Eliseev, the latter being recognised with an Alumni Leadership Award. Freshy.io will launch their company and services later on this year.



Save Energy, a team from Romania, won the overall award for best enterprise. The team was chosen based on its innovative idea and strong business potential, which offers a solution to save energy consumed unnecessarily by means of a smart socket. By using an 8-bit micro-processor, the smart socket will disconnect a device from the power source within 10 minutes after this is in off-mode, thus saving energy consumed unnecessarily.

The JAYE Malta Start Up Programme supports European goals of improving youth employability, and contributes to the local start-up ecosystem by creating essential opportunities and fostering key competences necessary for success after university.

For further information or to participate in the Start Up Programme, contact Ms Lara Gail Dougall on info@youngenterprise.org.mt or 2124 4991.