Chris and Moira are proud to announce that Flight170 has a brand new music video.

Though it may not be a fresh single – Flight170 had been released three years ago from the album Ninety Nights and a Monday – the song has a somewhat comical and cynical approach to romance with its tongue-and-cheek lyrics. The music kicks off with a fairground-style chime and quickly picks up the pace with its catchy melody and a solid rock back beat with 170 beats per minute.

The music video itself takes us on a journey of mixed surprises, new experiences and a new vigour, thanks to the stellar work by the Young Digital European Entrepreneur Spirit Project, whose team of young participants contributed greatly to the production of the video.

Over the last few years, Chris and Moira have been involved in a number of international and cross border initiatives, including the Young Digital European Entrepreneur Spirit Project, an EU funded initiative that had brought young people from France, Portugal and Malta together for three times to work together in the name of training within the digital arts sector.

The youths met for the last time in Malta at the end of June, and finished their work – including photo shoots, filmmaking and post production work – on the music video for Flight170, which also features backdrops from the three countries.

The screenplay was under the direction of Jameson Cucciardi who was part of the VisMedNet Association team. The footage shot includes parts of Malta and Gozo, and the post production was also carried out here.”

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