The media at present is rife with stories of backpackers travelling around the world, scaling mountains and following deserted trails through nature. Some globe trekkers, so used to lodging in hotels and joining touristic excursions, might find all of this a little too ‘Discovery Channel’ for their liking. Granted, it’s not for everyone.

Every journey of this sort, we believe, is a nourishing experience with a purpose – from pursuing relaxation after a tough period, to charging the self with adrenaline. One may argue that these kinds of experiences shouldn’t be shared alone because it’s much safer and more fun to be accompanied by a person or a group of friends.

So why choose solo backpacking?

We’ve gathered some interesting points that explain why single travelling through the wild world could be beneficial.

It grants you freedom

Freedom is one of the most advantageous factors of solo backpacking. Everyday, we must interact and communicate with those around us, which may get tiring. Sometimes, taking a little break is necessary. Hiking through forests, scaling mountains, or discovering new beaches along the coast of a far-away country are but a few opportunities to break away from our otherwise busy lifestyles. Taking a step back from the daily hassles and work-related stress may allow us to clear our head, thus equipping us with a fresher outlook on life.

This aspect of freedom does not stop there. Aside from the usual ‘what to take, where to go’ questions, the planning of a trip like this is left entirely up to the traveler. We get to decide for ourselves how many hours to sleep, when to visit each location, and what to prepare for lunch without worrying about pleasing our travelling companion.

It allows you to become your own companion

Although solo trips may cause anxiety, loneliness must also be cherished and embraced. We all know that we need our time to feel a little ‘lonely’, but how many of us believe that it’s ok to be alone? Alone-ness will force us to experience a feeling of comfort through learning how to be with ourselves – something that is essential in order to interact socially and solve problems with other individuals. Hence, loneliness may introduce you to your true self, allowing you to eventually become comfortable enough to become your own life-long friend. This would eliminate further fear of wanting to go on a solo holiday. There’s a first time for everything!



It enhances responsibility and inner personality

Once you’ve become in touch with our inner self, another advantage of solo travelling is that it allows you to develop your personality. Quite often, we have that special someone – whether it’s a friend, a significant other or a family member – who always stands by our side and is ready to help us in our most difficult moments. The elimination of a second opinion or a helping hand in solo travelling may initially charge us with fear and apprehension, but challenges us to do everything by ourselves. From mastering building fires for warmth and food, to trusting our intuition when orientation betrays us, this experience may help us learn about our weaknesses and strengths. As a result, we may come to understand our abilities more and boost our self-confidence.

It inspires you

Feeling anxious and uninspired? By interacting with nature, our physical and mental health may be positively affected. Moreover, being one with the wilderness provides us with a healthy space that is necessary to let our thoughts run free, think and rethink clearly our desires, wishes or ambitions without anyone’s disturbance. The natural environment offers a kind of setting that may intensely inspire us to not only start out something new, but to also appreciate the natural world. There’s something about this experience that allows us to appreciate each event as it’s happening – to process its qualities as well as our actions and reactions to it.