The rising temperatures drive us to seek refuge within adequately air-conditioned spaces. This is of course only possible if our air-conditioning units and systems are regularly maintained to produce a cool and energy-efficient environment.

Here are a few tips – recommended by air-conditioning specialist, Panta Lesco – that’ll make sure your air-conditioning system won’t bail on you during the unbearable summer months. By following these simple guidelines, not only will you be keeping your air-conditioner in check, but you’ll also be decreasing your utility bills and your emissions whilst surviving the summer heat.



Clean your a/c filters regularly

Air-conditioning filters suck the air from the inside of your house to filter any unwanted particles such as dust, pollen, dust mites and other allergens, in order to ensure that the re-circulated air is cleaner and purer. This may seem arbitrary to some, but good practice stresses that filters are to be cleaned at least once a year. This will improve your indoor air quality and also relieve units of any unnecessary pressure, thus making it operate more efficiently.



Ensure that doors and windows are properly sealed

Poorly sealed doors and windows are one of the main causes behind the loss of cool air. Check these over for any excess cracks or openings. With some basic and inexpensive DIY, you’ll be amazed by how much warm air can be kept out.

Keep your unit free and clean of any debris

Very often, our objective when installing air-conditioning units is to keep them out of sight. However, this should not come at the expense of their cleanliness and their space to breathe. Make sure that any outdoor units are clear of any debris such as leaves and dust, which can cause serious damage to the inside fan if left unattended to. Also, see to it that any bushes and trees in front of the unit are regularly trimmed and kept off the unit itself.

A yearly maintenance check

Having your unit checked on a yearly basis by a reputable air-conditioning company is an investment. They’ll be able to clean it thoroughly, replace any belts or parts that may have worn away, and also check to see if its gas levels are sufficient. Having routine maintenance will add to the life and efficiency of your unit.



Panta Lesco Group offers the most reliable air-conditioning services around for residential and large scale systems at affordable prices. If you’re in need of any installation services and a/c repairs, simply contact the team today.