Being a mum is a hard job. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a busy professional trying to strike a balance between your career and kids, it’s a tough gig.

Taking an hour out of your week to spend time with yourself is an integral part of being a mother. Having had a child myself earlier this year, I see and feel the importance of doing my yoga practice now more than ever. When we’re caring for another human being, we tend to forget about ourselves. However, we’ve got to remember that being in a tranquil and centred mindset as well as being physically strong and healthy is extremely important, not only for ourselves, but also for this little human being in our lives.

We need our physical strength to carry them about and to carry out household chores and the necessities our children need on a daily basis. The role of a new mother can bring about many sleepless nights and busy schedules, making it easy to lose sight of slowing down and being more present and balanced.

After giving birth, the body needs time to recover, especially after a C-section. The muscles in our pelvic floor and core area will have been through a lot, so once the healing process of post-delivery has taken place – which can be anywhere between 1 to 6 months – it’s then time to start building and strengthening your core and pelvic muscles and finding overall balance once again.

Yoga is the perfect transition, as it’s a gentle practice that works mainly on building those areas slowly and effectively. It also helps calm the mind and releases any tension. It guides us in slowing down and relaxing, which is crucial to maintaining a centred lifestyle, whilst enjoying this new bundle of joy in a more mindful and healthy space.



Start with a beginners’ class that is convenient for you. If it’s near your house and easy to travel to, it’s more likely you’ll keep it up. Set up your ‘me time’ weekly reminder and try to attend at least once a week. You’ll be feeling as good as new, if not better than ever before in no time.

You’re already doing an amazing job, so don’t forget about yourself in the process! Namaste.