So, Mick Jagger’s having another baby. Just let that sink in for a second.

This will be his eighth child, and it seems that the virility of the 60s rock legend is running parallel with the fashion industry’s rediscovery of his hey-day era. We’ve done the 70s, 80s and 90s, and now the fashion houses want to add a smidgeon of 60s as well. Are we complaining? I think not. Put on Satisfaction, because what you’re about to witness gives you just that.

Let’s start from the bottom. Shoes are the rock stars of this season’s outfits, with Russell & Bromley at the forefront of this decadence with patchwork velvet. Think Ozzy Clark meets medieval tapestry, combined with Carnaby Street ankle boots. The indulgent fabrics of this season’s shoes will make any fabric fetishist’s heart race, as we’re seeing furs, crushed velvets and camel hair adorning every fashionista’s toes.

Tan and blue are also gracing the accessories section, but still mainly dominate the posh n preppy look. It is a delicious combination nonetheless, and gives a very plush colour scheme to a smart get-up.

Image: source ASOS


Interestingly, what was once the ultimate form of naff back a few years ago is now the epitome of fashion forwardness in 2016. Co-ord pieces are rife within the high street shops, with outfits coming in 3 pieces – chokers, tops and bottoms. Stretch ribbed fabric is the predominant material for this style, but do tread carefully as to what shade to opt for. Blush pink and classic black are absolutely fool-proof for any figure.



What with the collar bone and the neck being the feature of focus for this season, we’re seeing a surge of tops and dresses with additional choker details. From camis to tank tops to halters, your outfit’s elevated by a sensual décolletage adornment.



The boldness of the catwalk is transcending down to the high street. Shiny metals and chrome fabrics can be seen a mile off in window displays, and as much as it feels strange to dish out this advice, an indulgence of this sheen is actually being encouraged for this season. Team it up with hints of velvet, such as velvet shoes, chokers or bomber jackets. What’s so fascinating about this year’s styles is that wearers are very much free to explore and merge all that’s on offer, no matter how outlandish it may seem to some. Dunno, must have something to do with the return of Ab Fab, or David Bowie’s spirit permeating through us all. It is of course, entirely up to you, so long as your look reflects your personal taste. And never forget to rock on.


Image source: Pinterest