Clara Farrugia
image: Clara Farrugia

Every seasonal fashion collection is accompanied by a new set of hairstyles and fresh edgy make up looks. This year’s eclectic fashion trends have been teamed with plenty of graphic styles, and the majority of designers have shown a variety of super stripe forms in the S/S2016 collections, including Prada and Missoni.

Make up artist Jean Pillow recommends the following steps to achieve a graphic look that is wearable for both casual and evening attire.

Step #1: Prepare your base by cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin, and use a primer to even out your skin tone. Apply your foundation, and set it with a thin layer of translucent powder using a powder puff dab.

Step #2: Colour the whole eyelid using Eva Garden’s Twist Up Eye Shadow No. 314.



Step #3: Lengthen a wing-like shape at the outer corner of the eyes.

Step #4: Perfect your shape with a No. 18 Pencil Brush.



Step #5: Apply a gel liner across the upper rim. Starting from the outer edge of your eye, drag the liner with a liquid brush towards the inner corner, finishing it off into a finer line. With your eyes open, repeat the same application step slowly.

Step #6: Lighten the eyebrow bone with Eva Garden’s Matte Eye Shadow No. 101, and finish off with two coats of Eva Garden’s Incredible Mascara. To make the eyes look more open, add Eva Garden’s Super Lasting Eye Pencil No.67 in Azzurro Silver inside the lower rim.



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Model : Clara Farrugia

Make up Artist : Jean Pillow

Photographer : Noel Fenech



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