The tiny little island of Malta has its own collection of Adonises, whose physique and overall abilities correlate with the country’s sky-high temperatures.

Tommy Diacono is tattooed, muscled and has a chain of burger joints. Whoever said you can’t have it all has clearly never met this hunk. He’s also probably aware that a way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.



Davide Tucci – or, as one my best girl friends likes to call him, Davide TuccMi – is just glorious whether he’s acting, posing for a photo or taking a video of himself sweating after a jog.



Ben Camille won our hearts after he hosted the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. His face is currently everywhere, and we couldn’t be more grateful for it.



Ishmael Grech proves that a bit of facial hair can go a long way. I mean, look at that moustache… And can we all just take a moment to admire his sense of style?

Ishmael Grech


Ronnie Briffa, with his bright smile and wavy, gelled back hair, is the definition of super cute.



Errol Sammut is the lead singer of Airport Impressions. As is customary, the moment you form part of a band, your sex appeal hits the roof, but this guy would be hot even if he just did accounting.



Dyan Azzopardi’s six-pack is so on point, it automatically grates any cheese that comes within 10m of it. More of that Dyan, please!

Dyan Azzopardi


James Spiteri Stains: Model and water polo player par excellence with a perfect jawline.



Sean Gravina is an ex water polo player and a Master Chef finalist. If ‘hot’ had a sibling, it would be outstanding in the kitchen. Gravina has it all.



David Camenzuli’s charmingly good looks have me blushing. The freckles, the blue eyes, the blonde hair. I’m done.



Is there anyone else we should know about?

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