Date of Birth: October, 1965

Location: London

Status: Single

Star Sign: Libra

Main occupation: Musician and writer

Tim Briffa had moved to London at the age of seventeen to join or form a band. He made an album with an already established punk band, and then formed one around his own songs called the Atomic Vicars.

After a few line-up tweaks, they renamed themselves My Drug Hell. They recorded an album at Toe Rag Studios that spent a few months in the US college charts, while their single Girl At The Bus Stop went to Number 1 in a few places, and was used in a Miller beer advert.

Tim had a couple of UK indie hits when their label went bust and the band fell apart. However, they later on formed a new line-up and released a second album with another label, and they’ve recently finished work on their third, titled The Good Times Are All Gone, which will soon be on sale.



Tell us about your journey in becoming a musician.

I had written and recorded a double album’s worth of songs when I was twelve before I could play an instrument; I sang all the parts. I then got a guitar a few months later and I’ve been playing and writing ever since.

What had inspired your interest in music?

Hearing Bad Boy by the Beatles aged eleven. It changed my life in two and a half minutes, and I wrote my first song a few days later.

Tell us about your Maltese connection.

I’m half Maltese, but born and raised in the UK. I’d visited a couple of times on family holidays when I was a kid, but only started coming over regularly in my twenties when a sitting tenant in a family owned-property died. I usually now come over a couple of times a year and the band has gigged seven or eight times. I’ve also just gained dual citizenship.

Are you satisfied with the over-all music support systems?

I can’t really speak for Malta, but in the UK there isn’t any real support that I’m aware of. Many of the good venues have closed, rehearsals cost a fortune due to high rents and the government don’t give a damn because that’s the kind of people they are.

What’s the fashion item you couldn’t live without?