What’s hotter? The 80s and 90s fashion? Or Malta’s sweltering heat?

Incidentally, one can assist the other. The bright 80s and 90s are a great source of fashion inspiration that revolve around biker jackets, over-sized blazers, shoulder pads, platforms and huge earrings. However, let’s forget the statement-making clothes for a moment and focus on the hairstyles these decades gave us that can help us cope with the heatwaves gracing the islands this summer.

The Rough High Side Ponytail

When you’re sweating, the first thing you’d want to do is put your hair up. Although mainstream ponytails are still styled as straight, sleek and clean, the rough high side ponytail has returned to freshen us up again. Originating in the 80s and popularised by Madonna throughout the 90s, this side ponytail’s rebellious spirit and dramatic look not only allows the neck and forehead to catch some sunshine but also puts us in the spotlight. Don this hairstyle for any occasion – from the gym to a formal dinner party.



The Mini Buns

The cute double-bun also originated in the 80s and had shown a sharp rise in popularity throughout the 90s when Janet Jackson had fuelled the trend. This century, Miley Cyrus has surprisingly welcomed the hairdo back, initiating a domino effect among other celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Rita Ora. These mini buns are another perfect solution that will help you get through sweltering days and nights this season. We guarantee that this hairstyle goes perfectly with the majority of your outfits – from mini evening dresses to high-waisted denim skirts and crop tops. However, if you’re up for a more daring hairstyle, then consider Bantu Knots that have strongly inspired Gwen Stefani this last century.



Decorate it

It’s been a while since hair jewellery pieces such as the nostalgic butterfly hairclips were popular. Not only will they hide annoying baby hairs and sweaty fly-aways this summer, but the sparkle and shine will also make your hair capture some attention. Decorating your hair with shiny little gems a la Rihanna in This is What You Came For will make you stand out, even on a crowd-filled rhythmic dance floor, regardless of hair length or style. So, hurry up, grab some jewelled clips and allow yourself to stay cool, literally.



African Braids

Blow dryers can be out back in the drawer this summer if African braids take over. This hairstyle does take the longest to do, but there are several reasons why we shouldn’t allow this to hinder us. Contrary to popular belief and unlike dreadlocks, African braids are easy to create and can be washed at any time, yet still give your look a more summery and ethnic feel. Bonus? Your hair won’t be damaged when you’re tired of them. Although our inspiration for this hairdo dates back to the 90s, Beyoncé’s latest album Lemonade is ripe with clear demonstrations of this hairstyle’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.




The tendrils that became popular during the last two decades of the 20th century, where one would leave a few wisps of hair hanging around the face when donning a ponytail, have found some competition. Gelled, slicked-back hair – whether formed into a tight doughnut or just applied on top of the head while the rest flows down your back – will amp up your overall look, providing you with an instant boost of ‘sexy’. The wet hair appearance will not only allow your face, neck and shoulders to be exposed to the light summer breeze, but will also keep you up-to-date with this 90s fashion trend.