Foot odour – or smelly feet – can be really embarrassing. This usually happens when excess sweat produced by your feet doesn’t evaporate due to tight footwear or socks. Sweat and dead skin cells cause bacteria to grow, producing an unpleasant smell. Here are a few tips on how to combat this:

Scrub dead skin cells away – Gehwol’s Soft Feet Scrub is an excellent foot scrub that removes dead skin cells and renews the surface of the skin. Natural bamboo granulate and jojoba wax support a gentle massage and activate skin circulation.



Apply an anti-perspirant – To keep your feet dry during the day, use Gehwol’s Anti-Perspirant Cream Lotion. This miracle in a bottle protects the skin from sweat-decomposing microorganisms, fungal infections and itching between the toes. Sweat formation is reduced, thus preventing odour. Always dry your feet properly after showering, and don’t forget to wipe between the toes.



Give your feet 24 hours of freshness – Stress is one of the worst causes of increased sweat production. Gehwol Med Foot Deo helps in removing the build-up of strong foot odour for at least 24 hours with its high concentration of active substance extract of Manuka oil and micronised Zinc oxide.



Deodorise your shoes – Allow your feet to breathe in summer by opting for open sandals, and avoid synthetic or rubber shoes. Alternatively, spray an anti-bacterial deodorant in your footwear. Gehwol Foot and Shoe Deodorant is a best seller among sports enthusiasts. It contains anti-microbial active substances to protect against fungal infections. Let your shoes air a bit before putting them away in the dark and give them a good spray.



The ‘cure’ in pedicure – A mini pedicure will do you good! Visit a professional skin therapist and book a relaxing treatment that consists of a good scrub to remove dead skin cells, a paraffin mask to soften dry skin, and a lovely massage to circulate blood flow.



For other foot concerns, always refer to your podiatrist.

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