Ben’s got a home. Ben’s been given two loving parents. Ben’s doing just fine.

On the 13th July 2016, history for humankind was made with Malta’s first gay adoption. Mr Kris Grima and his spouse officially welcomed Ben into their lives after the Family Court approved their application to adopt and found them to be suitable parents.

Mr Kris Grima spoke openly about their joy on Facebook, and noted that although “the journey has been long and difficult… it tested and challenged” the couple along the way. The deserving parents and the child have now had their dream of living as a family come true.


Image: Ben, the first baby adopted by a same-sex couple


This is not a time to tally points between opposing beliefs. It is a time to celebrate the fact that there’s one less child in the world without parents. It’s a time to rejoice in the knowledge that a child is now surrounded by a supportive family unit that’s willing to give him the best life they can. May every child be given this opportunity, whatever gender their guardians may have. May every child be granted the love and care of an adult who’ll guide and nurture them throughout their lives.

We’d like to extend our hearty congratulations to Ben and his parents. Here’s to the future!