When I was younger, I never considered myself to be an artistic person. I didn’t follow through on any hobbies. I quitted everything I started, out of fear of not being good enough and feeling self-conscious. As I grew older and got back in touch with my creative side, I’ve come to believe that every person has an innate creative potential.

If we think back to our childhood, some of us will remember what we used to enjoy most but don’t make time for anymore. In this fast-paced, task oriented world we’ve created, many of us tend not to allow time for our creative joys because we don’t prioritise them. Others may say that they’ve never had a hobby or learnt a creative skill. However, it is actually possible to discover yours now. The wonderful writer and creativity pioneer Elizabeth Gilbert advises, “Keep your eyes open. Listen. Follow your curiosity. Ideas are constantly trying to get our attention. Let them know you’re available.”



I sometimes find myself resisting my creativity and welcoming procrastination. To be creative, I have to get in touch with my soul, my heart, my feelings and let go. This is uncomfortable for me. My mind is easier to access; it’s my safe place. Things are clear, logical, and that gives me a sense of reassurance. But my mind also knows the joy of creativity as well as the value of practising it. Once the initial resistance is done with and I begin, I remember the beauty of being free in the creative process and I’m there – I am present, feeling and creating.

Social worker and researcher Brene Brown speaks about leaning in to vulnerability. She explains that though it’s not always comfortable, it’s never weakness. We cannot get to courage without going through vulnerability.

I’ve recently begun sharing my writing. Each and every time, I feel emotions ranging – from hesitation and shyness to fear. Coinciding with this commencement, I also began dancing again. My first ever blog post was about my first lesson back in class. On my way home, I had felt so inspired that words formed in my head so quickly, I couldn’t open my laptop fast enough. So I sat in the front seat of my car, parked outside my house, in the dark, capturing the rush of feelings into words. The two creative energies inside me collided, exploded and created a piece of writing that literally bubbled out of me.



I believe people appreciate vulnerability. When I see a singer performing on stage, I’m admiring his their talent, but I’m also in awe of their courage to stand there, be exposed, and share their most intimate gift with strangers. The potential the human soul has when it comes to creativity is magnificent and infinite. The outcome doesn’t matter as much as the joy of the process. There’s no end result if the end result you’re looking for is perfection. The small victories along the journey are the whole point – learning a new chord, writing a verse that came from the heart, or beautifully blending those colours.