The much awaited eleventh edition of the Malta International Arts Festival will finally be kicking off on the 8th July at 9pm with two spectacular performances pioneering the festivities – Vertical Waves and BANDLI.

The artistic team – including Ruben Zahra, Francesca Tranter and Riccardo Carbutti, together with Dr Castelletti – have worked together to create a varied programme that will celebrate a variation of genres, including music, dance, theatre, installations, film, literature, poetry, site-specific work and more. A crucial element of the festival strives to not only expose local audiences to quality performances from abroad, but to also offer a creative platform for local artists.

The Malta International Arts Festival 2016 is organised by Arts Council Malta.

Vertical Waves

On the 8th July at 9pm at the National Library Façade in Valletta, audiences will be treated to the result of an artistic process that mixes together research on body movement with sound and video in the spatial context of where the performance is taking place.

The glorious façade of the National Library becomes a stage as the performers use ropes, body movement, sound, video projections and space to create a thrilling vertical dance quality that plays with a perceived lack of gravity. The performance mixes feminine delicacy with the strength of rhythm and acrobatics, exploring themes of relationships, loneliness, togetherness and waiting. Performers alternate and relate, constructing a series of tableaux defined by video projections.

Entrance is free.


Playing on swings has been, and still is, a popular and fun activity. BANDLI builds upon the instinctive mode of entertainment to create an interactive sound installation. Eight swings will be installed in Pjazza San Ġorġ, and each one will be equipped with a motion sensor which is triggered by the swinging action. These, in turn, trigger sounds of different instruments which will be assigned to each of the swings, allowing the whole structure to function like a music ensemble that is brought to life through the interactive engagement of the public. When two people use the swings, they create a duo; four, a quartet… all the way up to an eight-piece ensemble. BANDLI is a collaboration between the Malta International Arts Festival and Modern Music Days – a concert series of 20th century and contemporary music featuring a collaboration between Valletta2018 and Teatru Manoel.

The installation will be present from the 8th till the 17th July, from 10am till 11pm. Entrance is also free.



For more information, visit the Malta Arts Festival website.