Moving in together is a giant step forward in any relationship. It takes the couple’s status to a new level. However, this doesn’t mean that sharing accommodation with your loved one brings nothing but pleasure. Rather, this new milestone is the ultimate test of the relationship’s strength.

Cohabitation is often the source of many arguments, some of which only couples who are living together will understand. It goes without saying that every couple is idiosyncratic, but there are some common mantras which may improve the experience of moving in with a significant other.

Keep it tidy

This is by far the most common subject of several domestic fall-outs. Sure, we’re all different in terms of personal hygiene and organisation. However, it often turns out that there’s such a high contrast in standards between the individuals in the relationship, that it can become unbearable. It’s not the first time we’ve been told stories about clothes being thrown towards the laundry basket, rather than into it, as if household chores were some domestic basketball game. The same applies to dirty dishes. By the same token, let’s take this opportunity to remind ourselves that toothpaste tubes are to be kept closed, socks are meant to be kept in pairs, and hair brushes are not to give the impression that a yeti resides in the family home. It’s often a case of differing personal preferences, so it’s best to patiently take the time to talk these things out, before any dishes are thrown at each other.



Slumber solutions

Arguments often occur between live-in couples over their preferred sleeping habits. Although we all know that it seems romantic to fall asleep in each other’s arms every night, this is often nothing but a fairy tale. No fairy tale ends with a partner snoring throughout the whole night or one of them waking up in a puddle of the other’s drool. It gets you wondering whether the warm fuzzy feeling you’re experiencing is the romance or the sweaty armpits you’re breathing into. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, one of you’s bound to doze off sooner than the other. It won’t be long before a limb or two goes numb, and the awkward battle for blankets and bed space begins. Tread carefully, fair comrades, for the bed is a battlefield, and we all need our beauty sleep.

Tackling temperatures

This one tends to be a core conflict, especially during the grueling months of harsh winters and hot summers. The a/c can be your best friend and your worst enemy; it simply depends on who you’re sharing it with. There’s a tendency for females to feel much colder than males for a variety of reasons – from hair growth to metabolism. Neither gender can really be blamed for their anatomy. So, men, please have some patience, or at least give your ladies a little cuddle if you notice that they’re a little cold.



Steak or salad?

Allocating cooking duties may be a difficult task, specifically when one’s craving a giant sirloin steak, medium rare, with mushroom sauce on the side and not on top, while the other’s more in the mood for a fresh caprese salad. Again, patience is required. Patience, and a whole lot of communication. Take turns to surprise each other. This way, you can turn dinner into a fun little game which won’t involve you starving each other to death.


Spending money on unnecessary items has never made anyone rich. Besides, couples often demonstrate differences in opinion when it concerns money management. For instance, one may have a nasty habit of spending money on candles and fancy home décor that the other may deem frivolous. It may be useful to run things by each other before splurging. This may save space, money, and quite a number of headaches.



It’s not easy, but balance is key. We must acknowledge that along with new challenges, living together brings about opportunities. By sharing a home, couples may discover more about themselves through arguments, which, above all, often strengthen or build our relationships. It introduces to couples the notion of teamwork, compromise, and patience. If you get these right, then the world – and your love nest – is your oyster!