An award winning UK theatre company, Les Enfants Terribles, has recently given a workshop for local actors as part of Teatru Manoel’s Toi Toi Education Programme. The weekend workshop was conducted by the company’s producer and director James Seager, and Joe Hufton, another of the company’s directors who specialises in immersive theatre.

The workshop, commissioned by Teatru Manoel, focused on physical storytelling and devised theatre, as well as live sound effects and soundscapes, physical theatre techniques and the creative use of props.

The reaction of the participants was hugely encouraging:

“Working with and being able to ask questions to the founders of the company lent us a close view at what it means to initiate your own company, how to sustain it for such a long time and the hard work it involves in propelling it forward from day to day. In explaining their humble beginnings, Les Enfants Terribles were demystified to us; we became conscious that this Olivier-nominated company started from an ordinary performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. However, it was their passion, ardour and love for their work that was not ordinary.”

From his end, James Seager reviewed his experience of working with the local actors as follows, “I found the participants an absolute joy to work with. They were extremely passionate, dedicated and very willing to throw themselves into any task set them. They are also clearly driven and focused on their craft and how to make it in the industry and were also a lovely bunch of people. We were also impressed with the high level of ideas and their devising ability and skill; some of the short scenes they created were fantastic.”



Rosetta Debattista, who runs the Education Programme at the Manoel, summed up by saying, “Apart from introducing the performing arts to new audiences, a significant part of the goal of the Toi Toi programme is to enhance and refine the skills of our next generation of performers which we accomplish through the Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre and Teatru Manoel Youth Opera programmes. Exposing our local artists to internationally successful companies such as Les Enfants Terribles gives them the motivation to go that bit further both in terms of developing technique and aspiration.”