During the summer season, wherever I turn, I meet people who are either dieting, exercising or going through procedures to make themselves look more attractive, especially on the beach. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, of course, so long as it’s done for the right reasons and through the right and channels.

As we all know, not all of us are blessed with “great bodies”, flawless skin and “beautiful” faces. In fact, only a tiny percentage of the world’s population have all three. To make things worse, statistics have proven that the Maltese nation is prone to be overweight. In fact, Malta has the highest rate of obesity and weight problems in the EU, according to The World Heath Organisation.

Image source: Maltatoday


Nonetheless, we’ve got to remind ourselves that beauty is perceived in different ways by different people, and as a society, we’ve forgotten that true beauty always comes from within. We’ve forgotten that the way you feel about ourselves often manifests itself outwardly, and that people can perceive that very beauty.

I myself am a mother of two children in the early twenties. Both have their own beauty, and both have their insecurities. At this moment in time, I’m constantly hearing them complaining of being unfit, too fat, to white, too hairy, of having no waistline or six pack.. and I’m positive that most young adults and most adolescents are behaving in exactly the same way.

This fervent insecurity and a lack of self-confidence is all a result of pressure exerted by social media and marketing campaigns, portraying men and women with unattainable godly features, intimating that anyone who doesn’t look like that is lacking in some form. A lot of us are aware that most images are photoshopped or filtered; the perfections portrayed are false and untrue. And yet, we still feel inadequate for failing to have these features. Perfection like that comes through a lot of hard work and sacrifice, or you must at least be genetically bestowed a certain body type or blessed with a capital for plastic surgery. And even then, your body will still be altered and airbrushed to look like a Barbie doll’s.

You must teach yourself, and more importantly, teach your children, how to accept yourself and find the beauty inside you. If and when you decide to diet, exercise, dye your hair or undergo cosmetic procedures, make sure it’s because you want to do it for yourself, for our own satisfaction and for your own pleasure.

A lot of people miss out on so much in life because they’ve been told they’re not ‘beach-body ready’. Many simply don’t go to beaches or gyms. Others cover themselves up for fear of exposing their ‘shameful’ and ‘unsightly’ bits. Some will stick to salads all their lives and will feel guilty for just looking at anything that tastes good. The worst thing about all this is that people who have such insecurities are often unhappy, depressed, nervous and have forgotten how to enjoy themselves. They cut themselves off from the world. All this can culminate into a big cloud of negativity hovering over their head, often affecting the way they look at the people around them; negativity is the mother of all evil.

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Now, why would we want to carry a negative cloud around with us? We’re so lucky to be living in such beautiful surroundings, with fantastic weather, fresh food and beautiful beaches. It should be easy to have the best of both worlds, and quite frankly, we should remind ourselves that whatever shape, form or size, we’re entitled to enjoy our pleasant summer without having to worry about other people’s judgement. Everyone has the right to some leisurely time, be it at the beach or the gym.

Trying to better yourself is always a positive step in the right direction, but not at the detriment of other things in life. Learn to love the way you’re made and the way you look. Embrace your uniqueness and believe in yourself. That confidence and self-love is the ultimate form of beauty that matters. This is the beauty that others will see in you and this is the beauty that matters the most. Teach yourself and your children how to appreciate life and their individuality and all they have to offer. Your well-being, your self confidence and happiness are the best cosmetics you can own.

Image source: Lifedaily