As far as I can remember, I’ve always longed for this time of the year with a passion. I have memories of myself waiting impatiently for school to end, as that meant that we were on the brink of the most carefree time of the year. I still feel much more alive when it approaches; something inside of me is just rekindled, and I start to feel more alive than ever. Move over, summer’s here.

Some will roll their eyes. Do I huff and puff when it’s extremely humid? Yes, just like everybody else, though I must admit that the cold gets my goat much more than the heat does. There are days when it seems like whatever you do, you’ll still feel like there’s more sweat than skin and that your hair is grieving its lost lustre at the clammy clutches of the humidity.

However, I’m in love with the sight of people walking along the promenade in loose summer clothing, tourists wandering around trying to figure out the last time they had seen that big bright orange thing in the sky, and the inevitable smell of the sea salt and sunblock. Perhaps my love for summer mainly stems from my love of the sea. Although we’re surrounded by it all year round, it’s actually swimming in it that’s not viable 365 days a year, and this is what I most long for. I love looking at our Mediterranean waters as the sun goes down, and feel the aura of happiness as I hear people in the distance.


In my opinion, the smell of salt on our skin, sunsets by the sea and barbecues with friends and family make summer all worthwhile. However, some people detest this season, as they have to work or commute in the scorching sun. Ironically then, some of those who aren’t obliged to stay in the sun seem to forget how harmful the sun’s rays can be, and sprawl themselves in full glory to get a tan.

I love how at night, you can go out again by the waves for a couple of drinks and enjoy the breeze with family and friends. I love the tinkle of approaching ice cream vans and the milky goodness they offer, and the mouth-watering fruits the earth and sun give us around this time.

One thing however, that I cannot bring myself to love to about this season are the dreaded mosquitoes and cockroaches, which find their way back into our households to the disgust of many. From time to time, you’ll hear a scream here and there, and you’ll see a flurry as a cockroach or two scurry off in the vicinity. Then everyone will be looking under their seats and fidgeting uncomfortably, awaiting their return, but eventually everything seems to calm down again, and everybody continues to sip their drinks. I find the situation comical.


Summer is that time of the year when I feel a special kind of vibrancy and magic around me. Although the heat can make you feel lethargic at certain times, it could serve to usher you inside your house to escape from the sun’s rays as you relax after a hard day’s work. It seems as if the fact that it gets darker much later means that there’s more light in our lives.