PJ’s had made their first high fashion appearance at the Gianni Versace runway show in 1995. The collection included corset dresses, skirts with tight-high splits and other nightwear-inspired pieces. It had created an anomaly in the industry, and the fashion world has seen this trend blossoming in several collections throughout the years.

Once again, designers have proved this year that pyjamas and lounge wear don’t just belong in the bedroom. The trend has successfully carried through to the spring/summer 2016 season. Designers went for full pyjama sets, pretty lace trim camis, silk slip dresses and pyjama shirts. This kind of apparel gives laziness a certain charm, and will work perfectly if you’re not a morning person.

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The world has reportedly seen a rise in pyjama dressing demonstrated by celebrities. From glamorous red-carpet looks to casual outfits, celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have proved that nightwear-inspired pieces can be perfectly integrated into any outfit and look effortlessly chic.

However, the trend that encourages style and comfort can be tricky. There’s a fine line between getting it right and going out actually looking as if you couldn’t be bothered to get dressed. So, here are some rules of how to pull off the out-of-bed look:

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It’s not about pyjamas; it’s about lounge wear-inspired outfits. You can sense the hints of pyjama dressing everywhere this season: a lace trim cami, a midi-lightweight wrap dress, or even a classic dress with lace details to the chest and hemline. All these pieces are nightwear-inspired and surprisingly easy to wear.

Nightwear is foolproof. Instead of wearing a pyjama set, opt for just one nightwear-inspired piece. Up your game with a lace trim cami combined with your favourite pair of jeans or a weightless kimono to compliment any laid back look.

Keep in mind that these pieces are made of lightweight, plain fabric, which could work against you and accentuate something you’d prefer to hide. So be careful and look for a flattering fit.

Silk or satin chic! If you’re brave enough to pull off a pyjama look, set choose a silk or satin number. They look decidedly more elegant than the cotton pieces. To dress up a perfect going-out look, consider stilettos and some statement accessories. However, make sure you have an appropriate amount of skin on show to keep it classy.

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