Date of Birth: 21st September, 1985

Location: Ħamrun

Status: Single

Star Sign: Virgo

Media-related occupation: Actor, writer & producer

The momentous TV series Shelly Rayner had inspired Jonathan Azzopardi to return to acting after a hiatus during his childhood. After the beginners course of acting with Mark and Louise Doneo, they gave him the opportunity to interpret a small effective character in their series Miriana Coljero. Afterwards, Jonathan completed his tutelage and started helping out in productions on sets, always learning and gaining knowledge.

He then took on roles in Gizelle, Missjoni and Il-Madonna taċ-Ċoqqa, which led to bigger parts in Dellijiet, Għeruq, Xablott and Rifless. He had also taken part in Mark Doneo’s Stejjer Qosra back in 2011, where he had also written, alongside Alex Spagnol and Clint Grech, one of the short stories entitled Indiema, which was one of the winners of local competition. Jonathan teamed up with Jameson Cucchardi and produced the physiological thriller series Maskra, in which he starred as the main character. He later bagged a supporting role in Patrick Vella’s cinematic horror feature, Breeder.

He’s currently working in Il-Patt, Division 7 and Season 4 of Klassi Għalina.



What would you recommend to those who are interested in taking up acting?

You must feel deeply in your heart the hunger to act. Real actors are not those who are targeting self-exposure. If that’s the case, try something else. You must be ready to sacrifice a lot of your time for the preparation for characterisation and long hours of filming. Unfortunately, locally we work on our art post-day job. Acting is a passion, and it takes commitment and responsibility. If you really consider all of this and you’re still interested, then start studying, research and take courses right away. There are plenty of unknown talented artists out there. Go for it!

Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share?

There are a lot to mention! When I was as an extra in WWZ, and I had a scene as an extra with Brad Pitt, who was running and escaping from zombies. It was a particularly awesome scene, working with 1000 extras plus the legendary Brad. Everything was realistic and it really felt like it was a war.

What sort of films do you watch?

I love Batman. I’m a big big fan of The Dark Knight trilogy. I also prefer psychological thrillers, action, romantic comedies and superhero movies.

Do you have good skills in the kitchen?

I was once a commis chef in the pastry section at a local hotel. But I prefer eating to cooking.

What do you usually look for when you travel abroad?

Culture, clubbing and historical places.