I can’t help it, really. The minute I see the flashing adverts enclosing the green lawn with those lads kicking a ball around, I instinctively grab the remote control and tune in, but I also continue doing the housework. It’s become a part of my routine to leave the TV on a match as I go about my chores. The funny thing is though, I’ve never actually been all that interested in football to begin with.

I’m mesmerised by the commentators’ comments and their British accents, as their tone of voice keeps changing from high to low. Their descriptions of what’s going on keeps you on edge. They keep you engaged in the game and they add colour to it. Excitement kicks in when they feel that a player is about to score, and there have been many times when their voices reached me in different rooms and made me rush to witness that most-anticipated goal.

I also prefer football games in summer when the weather allows you to enjoy a drink or two by the sea while watching them on a big screen. I love the chaos around me as the fans become immersed in the game. I like seeing their reactions and facial expressions as their faces light up with joy or spell out doom and gloom. A sense of comradeship bonds those who support the same team. I’ve always been amazed though by how seriously some people can take the beautiful game. They can have arguments that could potentially lead to an all-out fist up. I’m so perplexed by some supporters who take a defeat so badly that they seclude themselves into a state of ‘hermitude’ for some hours or even days.

Image source: Repubblica


I love watching the slow-motion replays of players tackling each other and their expressions. Every one of them seems to have his own way of rejoicing after scoring. From their trademark mini-dance routines to the crowd cheering for them like gladiators, the state of euphoria is very evident. However, those facial expressions can definitely change to one of fury as the referee waves his yellow and red cards in full view for everyone to see. I’m most often surprised by the extremes that some fans actually go to to meet their favourite players and to watch their team perform well. It’s a mania I like to observe with a fascination on the sidelines. I pledge no allegiance to any team, but I must admit that seeing my family happy when their team wins also makes me share in their glory.

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I can’t say I have a love-hate relationship with the cult. I don’t actually sit down to specifically watch a match for the sheer sake of it; I never have and I don’t think I ever will. However, a game can provide a good background for me while I do other things in the meantime. Rather than football itself, I love the atmosphere that it creates and the heightened emotions that the people around me seem to experience as they make life around me more animated and buoyant than ever.


Image source: Gianlucadimarzio