Do you ever find yourself staring blankly at an over-crowded wardrobe, only to give up and don the same old T-shirt and jeans combo? Have you ever been tempted to set fire to the jungle of vestigial items that has become your room? We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it, and unfortunately, we all have the stack of ill-fitting T-shirts to prove it.

There are several reasons why most of us end up with closets that are fashionably fit to burst. Firstly, it’s very common for individuals to experience an apprehension towards missing out on a potentially good outfit for various events or activities. Secondly, an accumulation of old clothes often turns out to be the result always assuming that you might wear every single item again in the future. Thirdly, there’s the commonplace notion that throwing away an item of clothing runs parallel to throwing away the money you’ve spent on it, unless you decide to send it off to charity. Finally, it may be argued that at times, having a limited amount of clothing often reduces the individual’s power of expressing themselves. Right?


The key here is to think like a minimalist. In other words, simplify your life. There are a few basic steps towards achieving a fully functional and practical wardrobe, and following them may bring you one step closer to being satisfied with your daily wardrobe experiences.

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Start off by buying clothes that you can only combine with garments that you already own. For instance, if your eyes have suddenly spotted that bright yellow patterned shirt hanging against the clean white store wall, stop yourself and question whether this will go with anything that you’ve already got. If not, then let it go.

Another tip? Be wise during the sale season! Sales are commonly the main reason why your clothes get forgotten in that overloaded closet. During this period, it’s easy to get carried away by ‘bargain’ prices, leading to a large bag of clothing which is mostly ill-fitting or unnecessary. Take your time and sift through the clothing patiently, keeping in mind your budget, the apparel you already own, and a list of things you really need!

Basics are the cornerstone of this minimalist practice. Often referred to as neutral clothes, basics act as fighters of seasonal trends, and help you avoid those disappointing moments in front of your wardrobe while dressing up. If you’re not sure how to combine your fabrics, basics are crucial. Stock up on items like plain and neutrally coloured t-shirts, flat sandals or flat ballet shoes, and the ever timeless little black dress. This will make it infinitely easier to mix and match items in your wardrobe, and it’s a great way to ensure value for money. If you’re more adventurous, stripes and polka-dots are the easiest patterns to pair up with other items.

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Embrace minimalism!