Maltese designer Louise Aquilina has recently been featured in Vogue Italia, presenting her latest collection, Demo Division.

With a Masters degree in Fashion from Kingston University in London, Ms Aquilina has recently presented her cult brand under the name of Demo Division, which is short for Democracy Division. The concept of the label is that fashion goes beyond a mere combination of textiles and colours. The young designer insists that the experience of creating a product is more significant than the outcome itself, and hopes for a bigger public insight on fashion in the future.


Image source: Demo Division


The brand was exhibited during London Fashion Week 2014, and in the summer of 2015, Aquilina was asked to be part of SEEK, a seasonal modern menswear fashion show in Berlin. As a result, she’s received positive feedback from the media that has furthered her success in Hong Kong.

Image source: This is our town Kingston


Nevertheless, Aquilina had the opportunity during SEEK to meet a representative of PittiUomo, who invited her to participate in the Latest Fashion Buzz, one of the most prominent menswear’s designers project.

This was where the young designer caught the attention of Vogue Italia, where she was featured as one of the participating designers.