Date of Birth: 12th August 1989

Location: San Ġwann

Status: Single

Star Sign: Leo

Media-related occupation: Actor

At a very tender age, Rudy Catania had always shown an interest in the limelight of the stage, so his parents enrolled him for some modelling shows for kids to boost his confidence, and to try and figure out where he should channel his fortes in the business.

However at the age of eleven, he gave up modelling and spent five years training Latin and Ballroom dancing, competing in several competitions with great success. Concurrently, he was also practising martial arts as well as presenting a weekly radio programme. When he officially stopped dancing at sixteen, he took up voice lessons, concentrating primarily on musical theatre, through which he performed in many shows on stage, including pantomimes.

Apart from several roles on stage – some of which he’s written and directed – his career as an actor on screen kicked off at the age of eighteen with the music video that had launched Red Touch Phone. Since then, he’s played many other roles in TV series such as La Farfalla, Emilia, Zafira, Rifless, Il-Patt and Qalb In-Nies.

What would you recommend to those who are interested in taking up acting?

Primarily, one must understand themselves and what aspirations they might have. Then they should make the first big step of going to auditions in front of a panel of directors to garner feedback. It’s important to understand that certain people are born performers and possess a spark in their personality, but this doesn’t mean that skills and technique shouldn’t be acquired. Therefore one must keep an open heart and mind to constructive criticism in order to move forward. Eventually, they should also seek professional tutors. Ultimately, my recommendation would be perseverance and resilience towards one’s dreams, especially in the face of rejection, because failure forms part of the road to success.



Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share with us?

When one is trusted with a role, it’s of the utmost importance to conduct research regarding what can be used to construct a character professionally. That’s the actor’s homework before stepping on set, and characterisation can be a long painstaking process. With regards to line learning, I usually like to twist certain lines to give the character more life my way, and when studying my lines I make sure that the scenes are not over rehearsed because that would destroy the sense of truth.

What’s the best thing in life, in your opinion?

Your family, because they’re your life-long mentor and coach, they’re the people who’ll teach you ethics, values and principles. Moreover, they’re the ones who’ll be there for you every time you fall and make you believe in yourself once again.

What’s so far been your biggest failure?

I cannot recall any particular failures, but obviously everyone has their bad moments. However, when some sort of failure crops up, I like to keep in mind that failure is by far a much better teacher than success.

Have you had to make any big changes to your lifestyle?

I cannot say that I’ve undergone any radical changes, but since life presents us with different difficulties and at the same time opportunities, circumstances do change.

What do you like doing when on holiday?

Since I like to learn a lot, I usually like visiting weird places and historical sites. Different cultures also intrigue me. Obviously, if I’m in the right place at the right time, I’ve got to search for tickets for some good shows.