Dear Daddy,

No, this is not a request for money.
Neither is it a plea to wash my car.
Yes, it may seem funny,
Yes, it is a bit bizarre.

The fact is, pater,
I’ll be asking for all of these later.
But for now though,
I’m just going to let my emotions flow.

I hope this won’t just be for Father’s Day,
And there’s so much more that I’d like to say.
But I know you can be a bit of a softie,
And I can tell when your chin goes wobbly.

So instead, I’ll keep it plain and brief,
And just remind you that you’re my chief.
You’ve taught me lessons and guided me through,
And offered to destroy my ex when you saw that I was blue.

But you’ve also raised me to be the better man,
And you still tell me when I’m wrong whenever you can.
You say it with love, you say it with care.
And above all, you say it for me to play fair.

We don’t always agree,
Especially when you insist on me trying Brie.
But you bestowed me my assertiveness.
You trained me to stand tall with finesse.

So daddy, this Father’s Day,
I’ll thank you not just for providing all that you could,
But for also helping me make the decisions that I should.



We wish you all a fantastic Father’s Day.