As another long Maltese summer gently slinks its way onto our sun soaked shores, the unmistakable thirst for travel intensifies throughout the island. Whether you’re in desperate need of a break from your 9-to-5, or you’re just looking to take that well-deserved holiday after surviving exam season, travelling doesn’t mean that you’ve got to burn a hole in your pocket to have a fantastic time full of unforgettable experiences. Here are just a few ways to save some money on your next mini-adventure:


Pack Light

And I do mean light. Checked luggage on most budget airlines can cost between €20 and €80, making a pretty big dent in your finances quicker than you can say air miles. If you’re travelling on a tight budget, chances are you’re looking for experiences, not all-out shopping sprees. Don’t bother with that extra luggage and put that cash towards some memory-making instead. An added bonus? No waiting around at baggage reclaim.



Shop Around

Flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner help make sure that you’ve bagged the best deal, with a one-stop shop approach to finding out which airlines fly where, and at what prices. Be sure to factor in hidden costs, such as having to book an extra night of accommodation because of a layover, or the cost of transport to and from the airport.


Be their budget guest

Staying at a hostel is usually, and obviously, the cheapest option for the wanderluster abroad on a budget, but there are alternatives if you can’t find an available bed, or just shudder at the idea of hostels in general (like I do). If hostels aren’t for you, then take a look at for some awesome alternatives, or hit AirBnb for that local flavour and at-home feel.



What better way to stick to a budget than by taking advantage of any freebies you can get your hands on? Most cities offer free walking tours, which is a great way to explore your destination and meet new people. Hey, it could also help you work off some of those naughty holiday indulgences – I’m looking at you, Italian gelato. Some top museums and art galleries such as London’s National Portrait Gallery are actually free (sometimes asking for a small donation), so research well and take full advantage of these if you’re looking to feed the soul with some world-class art.



Top tip: Be sure to find out if any travel cards, such as the I Amsterdam City Card or any benefit-loaded city cards are available in your destination of choice.

Moral of this post? Nothing should get in the way of you exploring the world beyond our sandy shores, because the experience itself is more valuable than any material things money can buy.