Master aromatherapist, cosmetologist and perfumer extraordinaire Stephen Cordina has recently created The Valletta Scent, a fragrance inspired by the capital city of Malta.

Inspired by ancient Phoenician materials and his own childhood memories of visits to the capital with his mother, The Valletta Scent mainly uses jasmine, oud and grapefruit mixed with other notes. In the coming months, The Valletta Scent will also be launched as a perfume for both him and her, and will form part of the Gozitan perfumer’s first-ever dedicated personal fragrance range.

Commenting on the perfume itself, Mr Cordina remarks, “This mix of smells is what makes The Valletta Scent so original with its earthy, elegant, leathery and rich tones, coupled with freshness and energy. It is a product that I truly believe represents our capital.”

As part of The Valletta Collection, Mr Cordina has created a diffuser and scented candle. Like all his other candles, this lavishly scented product melts to become a hand balm that can be applied to the skin as a therapeutic body cream and massage oil.

Valletta had sown the seeds for the perfumer’s passion and career. To this day, he associates the city with a sense of exoticism and freshness that’s interlaced with a richness and elegance that make our baroque capital so unique. It’s where he first discovered exotic fruits such as coconuts and pineapples, and where he experienced the aromas of spices in specialised shops and the old market.

All of Mr Cordina’s fragrances are made in Malta and hand-crafted, reflecting his attention to detail and respect for his thoroughly researched products. Each blend of ingredients, formulated using his knowledge and experience as a practising aromatherapist, creates a product which not only emits a beautiful fragrance, but is also beneficial to one’s health.



The Valletta Scent‘s pre-launch during Christmas 2015 saw an absolute sell out in just two weeks of the initial production. The Valletta Collection will now join Stephen Cordina’s permanent line.

For more information, please visit the Stephen Cordina website.