Men’s skin behaves differently to women’s. This is why Elemis has created a specially formulated grooming programme through its advanced scientific skincare, which supports and builds upon its facial therapies.

Smooth Result Shave Oil

This multi-purpose shave oil softens facial hair and prepares the skin for the ultimate smooth close shave, leaving it fully nourished and moisturised. Packed with a blend of vitamin-rich herbal oils to suit all skin types, this is the ideal pre-shave or shaving medium.

S.O.S. Survival Cream

Formulated as a high performance daily skin moisturiser, this skin treatment cream is the optimum solution for sensitivity, irritation, dryness and blemishes. The powerful formula of marine extracts, lavender and myrrh instantly soothes problem areas and leaves the skin perfectly hydrated and comfortable. It’s an ideal ointment for after sports and outdoor activities.

Deep Cleanse Facial Wash

This fast-acting gel formulation is the ultimate daily cleansing solution for all skin types. The potent blend of oak bark, spearmint and peppermint in a unique milk-protein base helps remove impurities and decongests the skin. It also prevents ingrowing hairs.

Daily Moisture Boost

This lightweight moisturiser is designed to immediately recharge and hydrate the skin after shaving, defending it from harsh external pollutants. Its exclusive blend of Polynesian green tamanu oil from the tree of a thousand virtues and the cactus cerus flower helps soothe shaved skin and any feelings of discomfort, achieving an overall improvement in skin condition. A trio of citrus oils decongests the skin, offering daylong free-radical protection. Plant-based natamilks of chestnut and bamboo assist in restoring elasticity, suppleness and essential nutrients which tend to be stripped away during shaving.



Elemis Father’s Day Offer

Save €47 when purchasing the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, the Skin Smooth Shave Gel and the Aching Muscle Soak for only €61.60.


Receive 20% off from the cheapest product when purchasing any 2 male products.

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