How do those celebrities manage to rock a bright lipstick? With a team of make up artists at their back and call retouching them every fifteen minutes or so, that’s how. Nonetheless, we can take these tips from the best experts out there to achieve a flawless look at home, all on our own…


Step #1: Exfoliate  The delicate skin on your lips can easily dry and begin to flake. To make your lips as smooth as possible, start my exfoliating them to create a clean canvas. You can either use a lip scrub or, if you don’t have one, a soft bristle toothbrush.

Step #2: Moisturise – There are plenty of lip balms and creams out there for you to choose from, so pick any one you like. However, try to stay away from petroleum-based lip balms, as they act as a barrier rather than a moisturiser.

Step #3: Prime – If you’re wearing a bold lipstick colour, prime your lips with a little concealer. This will make the colour bolder and will help it last longer.

Step #4: Lip Liner – Once you’ve prepped your lipstick, it’s now time to start adding some colour. If you want larger looking lips, when lining them, start from the corner of your lip and draw the line out to the middle. This will help you slightly over-line them, but it will nonetheless look natural at the same time.

Step #5: Lipstick – If you’re applying a bright or bold shade, try using a lipstick brush. This will give you better control over the colour.

Step #6: Powder – For longer lasting lipstick, place a sheet of tissue paper over your lips and apply a setting powder.

Step #7: Repeat – Apply another coat of lipstick.

Step #8: Tidy up – To tidy up any smudges and to get a flawless finish, apply concealer around your lips and blend in.



And there you have it – flawless lipstick!