Date of Birth: 20th January, 1971

Location: B’Kara

Status: Married

Star Sign: Capricorn

Media-related occupation: Actor

Back in 2004, Dorian Micallef started taking drama courses with Bronk Productions, with whom he also took part in their pantomimes and other local theatre productions. His first appearance on stage was at the B’Kara Oratory, and he’s also taken part in several local television productions.

What would you recommend to those who are interested in taking up acting?

Be patient and enjoy doing it without any expectations of getting a decent wage out of it. That’s the situation in Malta, unfortunately.



What support systems would you like to see for local drama?

I would like to see a union for actors in order to keep in check some production houses who sometimes undermine their actors.

What’s your normal preparation process before a performance?

Before a performance I simply concentrate and say a prayer before I go on stage.

What’s the best thing in life, in your opinion?

The best thing about life is love.



How would you describe your relationship with money?

Well, I would like to have a good relationship with money. But I don’t bother; I’m always happy with what I have.

What do you enjoy most about fashion?

Nothing; I only buy clothes that I can afford. I don’t look for brands.