This photo captures a significant moment in my son Jacob‘s journey to recovery. This was the first time in his five months of hospitalisation that he was reunited with our family dog, Peanut. At the time, Jacob was recuperating after two bouts in ITU fighting for his life.

After begging and pleading to the hospital administration, they finally gave us permission to take Jacob outside to the busy main entrance of Mater Dei Hospital to meet with our dog.

It wasn’t an ideal place to meet, but there was nowhere else to go. If truth be told, my son had more chance of getting an infection from passers-by than from our dog, but the risk was well worth it. Seeing Jacob so content after months of not seeing our Yorkshire terrier was great medicine for him and for us, and it played a big part on his road to recovery. The smile on my son’s face says it all, really.

Once we were discharged, I founded Survivors Malta together with Jacob. Our mission is to work towards improving the morale of families facing trauma.

In 2015, I publicly expressed my desire to establish a designated cordoned off outside area at Mater Dei Hospital whereby patients can meet with their pet dogs. In the name of our group, I pursued with the idea which had been met with great enthusiasm. In the past year, I’ve been working closely with various departments at the hospital to turn this idea into a reality.



I’m very pleased to announce that the project – titled Reunited Pet Cabin – has finally been approved by the authorities at the hospital, and we’ve been given the go-ahead to initiate the visitation of dogs inside a conservatory-like building to be built on the hospital grounds. Once the project is up and running, it’ll be the perfect serene meeting place where patients can meet with their family dogs, which will also house other activities such as pet therapy for the patients.

We’re now at the stage where we’re seeking sponsorship and donations towards the project. We’re raising funds to build the structure, furnish the cabin and add the final design touches.

The companies who choose to contribute to our cause will be credited for their donations and will be mentioned in all press releases, as well as on the plaque that will be set up on site at the inauguration of the project, thanking and naming the sponsors who helped us. All sponsors will also be invited to the opening to share in our triumph.



For further updates regarding our progress, or if you wish to make a donation, please visit the following link: crowd funding platform.