Following the great success of last season’s The Three Sunsets, Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre returned to their namesake’s main stage to present their new production of Rubbish, which was performed to the public on the 29th May and to over 500 school children over the next two days.

Rubbish is another imaginative and thought-provoking production which is a devised piece of theatre, directed by Denise Mulholland. The performers combined their exciting variety of skills and talents to tackle the lives of people who are classed as ‘rubbish’ by society. The play was very well received by both adults and school children, with several educators and parents praising the performance’s relevance and effectiveness.

TMYT forms part of Teatru Manoel’s education programme Toi Toi, which has also had a very successful season of concerts for children, the Teatru Manoel Youth Opera events, pre-concert talks and Send-A-Song – a new initiative where a singer performs live to residents in residential homes.

The Toi Toi programme is part sponsored by the ADRC Trust and BOV. The latter also sponsor the Teatru Manoel BOV Performing Arts Festival which this season included the recital by Nicholas McCarthy the one-handed pianist, the Easter Sunday Toi Toi Big Band Concert, and the opera production of Orphée et Eurydice. All three events proved to be high points of the season.

The nine-month performance season featured over 100 different events – from orchestral concerts and music recitals, to dance productions and plays, old and new, in both English and Maltese. Although performances stop over the summer months, the theatre remains open for tours, and behind-the-scenes preparations are currently taking place for another exciting performance season which starts on 30th September 2016.