Date of Birth: 21st March, 1991

Location: Mosta

Status: Single

Star Sign: Aries

Media-related occupation: Actress and model

Jessica Jane Cassar travelled to Los Angeles at 19 years of age to audition in front of a panel of casting agents. She participated in a two-day workshop at Stella Adler, where she began her tutelage in camera acting techniques. During her stay, she also had the opportunity to work on her head shots with celebrity photographer Alan Weissman who suggested that she should also consider modelling.

Back in Malta, she landed the role of Stephanie Arancini in the popular local movie Deċeduti: Wara l-Aħħar tad-Dinja. After that, she took part in Prima Facie, Iżd’Imma Mentri Pero, Frekwenzi Ħiemda, Qalb in-Nies, Kurrenti, Rajt Ma Rajtx and Strada Stretta. She’s currently filming for the second season of Il-Patt. She’s also had the opportunity to work in foreign big budget movies such as By The Sea, 13 Hours and Assassin’s Creed.



What inspired your interest in drama and modelling?

When I was young, I’d observe my teachers and class and impersonate them in front of my friends. Then I moved onto impersonating politicians and local celebrities. During my final year at De La Salle College, I had the opportunity to present Lasallian Nights, for which I wrote a short script impersonating six different politicians in a matter of minutes. After the show, I had a lot of positive feedback and from then onwards I never looked back. When it comes to modelling, there’ve been coaches who’ve encouraged me and given me support to continue. I’d like to thank Dorothy Catania, Alex Psaila and Noel Zarb for their help and coaching.

What are the qualities you most admire in a man?

I look for someone who’s humble and makes me feel comfortable, someone who’s loyal and knows how to treat a lady with respect. I also find it very attractive when a man knows how to make a woman laugh. I admire someone who knows how to discuss different subject matter, because the relationship doesn’t get boring. For me, looks aren’t everything, for I believe that his personality is the key to his charm.

What do you usually look for when you travel abroad?

Well, I love the city life, so I love places like Paris and London because I can shop around in the big department stores. I look for the country’s historical places or famous landmarks like museums, churches and cathedrals etc. Although I’m not a fan of roller coaster rides, I love Disney theme parks since you get to experience a different world altogether and get to see different attractions.



Do loud noises make you uncomfortable?

Not really. For example, if I’m at a club dancing and the music is very loud, I don’t mind it at all. But I hate noises such as drilling or anything of the sort.

What’s the first thing you’d buy after winning the grand lottery?

I’d use the money to invest in my education. I’d further my studies at a film school in the USA.

If you could, would you change anything about yourself?

Not really, as I feel comfortable in my own skin. There’s always room for improvement every single day, but you have to get to a point where you’re happy with what you’ve become and view yourself as unique.