We’ve become so saturated with the bombarding effects of consumerism, that we’ve forgotten the versatility of the most basic drug store items. Here are five unbeatable products that can save you copious amounts of cash.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo works as a great make up brush cleaner. The formula is gentle on the bristles, yet it will give them a good clean and remove any make up stuck to them. Simply wet the make up brush, apply a drop of baby shampoo and massage into the bristles. Rinse and repeat until completely clean.



Baby Wipes

If you’re already a parent, you’ll know how handy these wipes are. But they’re also ideal for spot cleaning brushes in between washes, as well as wiping away any make up you may have on your hands. They also come in handy for any foundation spillages that need sorting out.




Sudocrem isn’t just for nappy rash. It’s also great for treating any pesky spots, heat rash or eczema outbreaks that may appear. It works best when you apply it to clean skin. As it’s quite thick in its consistency, I recommend applying this before going to bed and sleeping with it. You’ll notice the difference in the morning.




Speaking of spots, another great way to treat them is with an Aspirin face mask. The anti-inflammatory ingredients will reduce redness, and the salicylic acid cleans out the pores while exfoliating the skin. To use, take 6 uncoated aspirin tablets and place into a small bowl. Add just enough water to cover the tablets and mix to create a paste. Apply to the effected area; this includes other areas where you may have acne, such as your back or chest. Leave the mixture to work for about 15 minutes, then wash it off.



Aftershave Balm

Aftershave balm is actually an excellent alternative to a make up primer. Use as you normally would by applying before your make up application. The best part about it is that it’s about a quarter of the price of a high-end make up primer, so you’ll get to save money which can therefore be spent on more make up.