Date of Birth: 30th October, 1981

Location: Kalkara

Status: Married

Star Sign: Scorpio

Media-related occupation: Actress

Lorianne D’Ugo took part in school concerts and loved watching plays, musicals and local TV drama. She had always dreamed she’d do this when she grew up, but due to other personal commitments, she couldn’t also commit herself entirely to drama.

Three years ago, she finally had some free time to dedicate to her passion, and started off by attending an adult course with Freespirit. Her end-of-term play saw her land one of the main roles. After that she did a master class with the same company and also took part in Masquerade’s Summer Experience.

Lorianne went on to appear in adverts, both in print and on television. She’s also appeared in local TV programmes such as Frekwenzi Ħiemda, Klassi Għalina and Rajt Ma Rajtx. She was then approached by Sharp Shoot Media and was offered the part of Violet in the popular TV drama, Strada Stretta, which she accepted wholeheartedly.

Lorianne also works in theatre productions, and has been doing so since her first year in the acting field. She was part of the ensemble in the musical Ħidmietna in 2013 and in 2014, and she was also chosen by audition for il-Kennies tal-Ġenna. In 2015, she took part in Faith, Hope u Charity where she played the role of Claire and was also part of the ensemble. A year later, she played the role of Emma in Ħabbilni Ħa Nirbaħ by Staġun Teatru Malti, and right after that, she landed the role of Constance in Oscar, a play about the life of Oscar Wilde.



How did you develop your style of acting?

I try to take every opportunity as a learning curve. I started with drama school, but I still gain more experience during productions and from real life situations – both mine and those of people around me. I try to observe people’s emotions and reactions to different circumstances and then apply them when needed. When acting, I try to immerse myself into the character as much as possible by understanding who the character is, where she is and where she came from, how she’s feeling and what she wants. I then try to act the part in the most natural way the character would in the particular circumstance, and at the same time adhere to the director’s vision and direction.

What’s your favourite venue in Malta to perform at?

Out of the five venues I’ve performed at, there’s no doubt I’d choose our own gem, the Manoel Theatre. The feeling of warmth and embrace during the curtain call is overwhelming.

What are your life essentials?

I cannot live without the love of people around me, especially my family and friends. Good health is something I’m grateful for everyday, and living with a positive attitude helps me perceive things more optimistically, and it helps me manage to overcome my troubles more easily and in a better frame of mind.



Have you been recognised in public lately?

Yes and the reactions have been different. Most people mention my character in Strada Stretta. Some pity her and some hate her, but at least they all praise my acting. Others just smile or say prosit, and on the rare occasion, they ask to take a selfie with me!

In your opinion, what’s the problem with the world today?

I think the world is facing many serious problems today. Pollution, the decline of natural resources, nuclear weapons, corruption and terrorism are some of them. Not to mention hatred, greed, jealousy and racism, which in my opinion are destroying humanity.

What’s been your biggest investment so far?

Besides the house, which I bought with my husband, I think it was buying my second car.