Need some top-up inspiration for the summer season to play it fashionably cool? Move your wardrobe into summer and learn from those who did it right. We’ve picked some of the greatest statement-making looks of this week. Pastel shades make the perfect solutions for the first days of summer, but flirty silhouettes and neutral colours were not the only trends we spotted. Crop tops have also gotten plenty of love this week.

Here are the street style trends to wear now:

Luca Fione, 18, Tourism student

“I would describe my style as laid-black, but still chic. I like wearing loose pants, sportswear and sneakers, but I’m keeping it chic picking pastel shades. I like Selena Gomez’s outfits.”



Hazel Duffy, 20, air hostess

“I like wearing something bright and classy, and I would describe my style as casual. I like Taylor Swift’s style.”



Franceska Busonera, 22, language student

“Usually I’m wearing skirts and I love a total black look. I also like dark colours like red, navy blue and purple, and I’m obsessed with a high-waisted skirt and a crop top combination. Everyone loves Kylie Jenner’s style, so do I!”



Joanna Neisen, 17, student

“I’m visiting and everything I’m wearing right now has been bought here in Malta. Normally, I prefer wearing classy clothes and floral prints. My favourite piece of clothing is a skirt, but today I went for a hipster look. I love Taylor Swift. She can be both fun and classy.”