An eight-year old transgender girl, Willa Naylor, has recently presented her book, Truly Willa, to Maltese ministers Evarist Bartolo and Helena Dalli and to the public.



Born a boy, Ms Naylor began to discover her identity as a girl at the age of two, but only spoke to her mother about it at the age of five. Her parents, James Naylor and Bex Naylor, have both been incredibly supportive of their daughter along the way, and once she was ready, Willa took her identity outside, and also wrote Truly Willa to share her journey with other children and parents who are going through the same experience.

Willa is an active social campaigner with the Gender Liberation organisation, and was one of the first people to benefit from the Gender Identity Bill of 2015. Her book aims to reach out not just to children, but also to teachers and parents who might want a better insight into what transitioning for transgender children might be like.

An eloquent child with a strong sense of altruism, Willa’s parents are proud of her initiatives and how she’s handled the situation at such a tender age. Mrs Naylor said that the best thing for any parent to do is to “listen to your children, and be their friend. Don’t act on your own fears and your own uncomfortable feelings, but rather listen to [them].”