Date of Birth: 8th September

Location: Mosta

Status: Married

Star Sign: Virgo

Media-related occupation: Actor & script writer

At the age of five, Jesmond Kris Bugeja did his first school play. At ten, he performed for the first time at the Manoel Theatre. In between, he took part in several pageant plays.

Writing’s been his passion since an early age. He’d often come up with a number of scripts, which he’d perform along with other youngsters for family and friends at home.

“I turned my parent’s wash room into a relatively small theatre area to the annoyance of my mother. I had my first acting lesson whilst studying for my O Levels. In the interim, I had several years of stage acting in more than a few local theatres. In the ensuing years, I wrote a number of short film scripts to participate in film festivals before I decided to venture into television. My first script was Is-Siġill tal-Qrar, which was received very well by the audience when first aired some eight years ago. I also produced the series besides scripting and acting in it. This gave me the nerve to pen another story of 26 full episodes which are yet to be made. I’m now nearing the completion of another script which is as yet untitled. Hopefully a production house will be interested to turn the pages of both stories into film,” states Jesmond.

Meanwhile, producers gave him the opportunity to be part of the cast of Il-Patt, which is screened every Wednesday at 8.30pm on ONE TV.

Can you describe your state of mind when you’re acting?

Once I receive the script in my inbox and read it thoroughly, it’s time to focus on getting into the character’s state of mind and understanding him. During the production meeting, I discuss the concept of the character with the director, in order to reach an effective portrayal.

When I’m acting, it’s not me any longer. I switch! I begin by getting relaxed before going into the character’s mind and soul. Once I relax, I feel that I now reside inside the character’s mind and see the world through his eyes, hearing with the character’s ears, thinking through his mind. I become this person.



How would you like to progress?

Since I have a family, I’d never consider being away from home for several weeks, so I’d rather, for the time being, base my acting skills locally. Hopefully, with any luck, offers will still keep pouring in now that I’m getting older.

What’s been your biggest investment?

Buying, renovating and furnishing my house. Now that it’s completed, I’m now spending my money on travelling.

What do you enjoy most about fashion?

It’s cool to keep up with what’s new on the market. Having said that, I don’t really see myself wearing certain current trends, some of which look horrible. I want to feel comfortable with what I choose to wear and at the same time appear fashionable. I enjoy doing my shopping from high street shops, not just for me but also for my wife and kid, and I take pleasure in putting on new styles every so often.

What are your views on plastic surgery?

There’s nothing wrong to seek plastic surgery to correct facial features or enhance certain body parts if one feels uneasy with the way they look. However, one must bear in mind not to turn into a grotesque figure by following in the footsteps of certain celebrities by ballooning specific parts of the body, thus becoming a laughing stock. On the other hand, we need to accept and love our appearance as it is, as we’re all attractive no matter how we look. It’s inner beauty that counts, after all.

What role does technology play in your life?

The internet is definitely a must, as I need to be up-to-date with what’s going on in the world every so often. I don’t frequently visit Facebook, sometimes not more than once a day, and quickly browse through posts which are of interest read. With regards to mobile devices, I can go without it for a day or two.