Chris Dingli returns triumphant after a London run of his popular one-man comedy show, Bad Dad.



The show, performed at the Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre, received critical and audience acclaim and was awarded 4.5 and five stars by two critics respectively. Vesna Hauschild strongly encouraged people to watch the show – whether or not they’ve got kids – and said that the show should’ve had a longer run, whilst Deborah Parry stated that the performance was “delivered spectacularly well” and ended the review with: “Bad Dad was so good that one hopes Chris Dingli delivers a sequel very soon.”

Other reviews expressed similar sentiments, with Dingli’s writing and performance singled out as being particularly outstanding.

Dingli is currently performing the show in Valletta at The Splendid in Strait Street. The last few remaining tickets are available from the Bad Dad Show website.

Bad Dad‘s London performances were partially funded by the Travel Grants, Cultural Export Fund managed by Arts Council Malta.