Fancy a raw mammoth leg? Or maybe you should go for the braised antelope steak?

The trendy new Paleo diet mandates that only caveman food should be part of one’s daily intake. So followers of this diet would probably advocate these meats if they had to be in supply.

It’s actually hard to categorise the Paleo diet as a new fad, and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, a similar diet had already been suggested by nutritionists back in the 70s. Secondly, it’s a food system that’s based on the preferences of those from the Palaeolithic period around 15,000 years ago, and it’s very connected to the ways of our prehistoric ancestors.

The main rule of the Paleo diet is not to eat anything that wasn’t available during the Stone Age. People hadn’t come up with the concept of cakes or burgers. Porridge wasn’t a thing and nobody had a clue you could extract milk from cows and goats, let alone drink it.

Proponents of the Paleo lifestyle believe that agriculture and other benefits of civilisation have badly affected our health, and our bodies are simply not designed to eat a diet full of carbohydrates. These days, the level of carb use in food has increased, and is one of the top causes behind some of today’s diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. That’s why Paleo followers argue that replacing processed foods with natural products will redound to the well being of our bodies.



But it doesn’t mean that the Paleo diet encourages bacon and sausage patties for breakfast. On the contrary, only foods in their most natural and uncultivated state are consumed in this diet. Sausages and bacon go through a man-made process of curing and additives – unheard of in the Stone Age. Therefore, only meats such as fresh steaks and fresh fish can be consumed. Also, a your daily intake should contain lots of vegetables, fruits, berries, eggs, mushrooms and nuts. Processed or cultivated foods – such as grains, cereals and bread – and dairy products, alcohol, salt and sugar are forbidden.

The best part of this diet is that you’re not required to count calories. While celebrities such as Megan Fox, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman and Miley Cyrus promote the benefits of the Paleo diet, there are also some disadvantages. Do be warned that this diet could lead to calcium deficiency, and like any diet, it might work perfectly for one person, but may not be suitable for another. So, before you decide to get your caveman on and go Paleo, please consult a nutritionist and create your very own diet plan.


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