Date of Birth: 5th May, 1985

Location: St Paul’s Bay

Status: Engaged

Star Sign: Taurus

Media-related occupation: Actor

31-year old Johann Bonello Trapani started his career in film and TV around eight years ago when he took a drama course with Where’s Everybody. He had been influenced by an advert on TV and considered trying out acting.

So far, he’s taken part in Salib it Toroq, Eklissi and Rajt ma Rajtx, and he’s lately been appearing in Il-Patt. Johann has been in a relationship for the past 12 years. Even though he doesn’t like swimming, he still prefers summer.



If any of my readers wanted to break into acting, what would you recommend they start with?

I would definitely recommend a drama course, as it helps you build your confidence, interact with other people and share ideas.

Would you say you’re a hoarder, or do you regularly throw stuff out?

I personally throw stuff away.

What percentage of your life do you spend shopping?

I spend a lot of my time shopping, as I enjoy it.

Do you normally drink wine, beer or vodka?

Wine, as it’s a much tastier drink.